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Hibiscus Tea - Unframed Print on Paper


This painting is a culmination of memories from years of living and travelling overseas with my young family.


Painted in 2020, I called on my memories of a trip to Indonesia, the hustle and bustle, the noise and dust and sensory overload outside,  met with oases of calm and beauty at every turn.  The title of this piece, Hibiscus Tea comes from a drink that was served  and the serenity enjoyed at one of my favourite establishments in Bali.


My style is very expressive in nature with thick and thin areas of paint and energetic mark making. I've used coloured pencils, wax and oil pastels as well as acrylics on this piece to fully express the energy and noise of the environment we were in.


As with all of my art, these paintings are a recollection of very happy times and wonderful places and experiences.


I would love to help you find a beautiful statement piece for your home or office, so please email me about this or any other piece in my gallery, and subscribe to my mailing list to be first to hear about new releases.

Hibiscus Tea

  • Each print has a high archival rating and is prin