61cmx61cmx3.8cm (30"x30" approx)

Mixed media on canvas, sealed and UV varnished for protection



Totally Transformative - 61cm x 61cm

  • Totally Transformative

    Totally Transformative is from my new series of expressive, abstract landscapes. I painted this after a visit to the coast, looking toward the Glasshouse Mountains from a stretch of beach on Bribie Island. The air was cool after a series of downpours, the sun partially obscured by clouds in the sky. This painting is a recollection of a moment in nature, recalling the light, the movement of sand and waves and clouds from the energy of wind and rain. An environment that is really great fun to capture.

    My process is to gather information from my trips into nature, taking in the sounds, smells and colours around me and then work from memory back in my studio, aiming to impart the feeling of a place and my experience of being there, more than an exact copy of a scene. The energy of the land is what I aim to capture.

    My painting style is expressive, with energetic mark making and areas of thick impasto as well as thin washy paint. 

    This painting is on professional quality canvas, unframed and is ready to hang. It is UV varnished for protection.