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Nicole Fearfield’s paintings are energetic explorations of her connection to people and place. They spark a rich and personal dialogue of opportunities taken, places ventured, the conscious choices we make in designing our life.

Nicole’s introduction to abstraction was as a teenager when her family built a home directly across from the site of master abstractionist, Ian Fairweathers’ hut on Bribie Island, Australia. The impact of being in such close proximity to this place wasn’t felt until many years later when she discovered her own love of abstract painting.

Dynamic, playful representations of life, expressed through colour and energetic swipes of paint

Intent on capturing the felt experience of time spent in a place, her goal is not to reproduce a scene, rather the emotional enjoyment of spending happy times in the company of loved ones. Articulating the energy of a place or event is especially interesting to her, the way light resonates across the land or sky, altering and energising all living things it touches.

Applying paint in areas of thick impasto and thin glazes, Nicole layers the canvas to provide a rich history. Her colour palette is often chosen instinctively, beginning with a dark hue before choosing its complement, intentionally mixing a sophisticated colour palette to create seductive greys and harmonise the painting.

Exciting marks, harmonious colour, depth and spaciousness are all hallmarks of her finished pieces.

“Painting playfully and expressively delights me. Much like breathing, it makes me feel alive and is a necessary part of being.”


Exhibitions and Events:

Jan 2022 Winner, GalleryOne962 Art Prize

Sep 2021 Finalist, Corner Store Gallery, Mini Series prize

Aug 2021 Selected, Art Folio Annual Intnl Art Magazine (2022 edition)

Nov 2020 Finalist, Bluethumb Art Prize

Jun 2020 Isolation Art group show, Revival Art and Design

Feb 2020 Finalist, Aspire Petite Pieces Show
Jan 2020 Finalist, Art Lovers top 100 art prize

May 2019 Finalist, Brisbane Rotary Art Spectacular
Feb 2019 Selected to exhibit with the Royal Queensland Art Society's Women's Work exhibition

Nicole Fearfield Art
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