I am inspired to use the abstraction of my own life to trigger a recollection of an experience or feeling in the viewer.  To create a visual stimulus based on my experiences that induces a nostalgic response in, and thereby a connection to the observer.   

My intention is to explore my experiences, asking what have I encountered, and how do I expressively paint the emotion of these to ignite a spark of familiarity, possibly trigger a moment of deja vu for the viewer?   There's an intermingling in my work of nature and nurture, a crossing over of adventures lived and emotions felt.  I infuse the canvas with thoughts and feelings around experiences I’ve had, places I’ve been, distant countries and varied habitats I’ve lived in - city, coastal, desert and jungle.


Painting has called me to it for over a decade and it would seem futile to ignore that call given the feelings of freedom and happiness I derive from it.  Before I pick up a brush, I quiet my thoughts and connect myself to some greater part of me or possibly outside of me, and when I achieve a state of blissful quiet I become a conduit for the flow of expressive marks onto canvas.


I love to paint non-representationally as it requires the viewer to really stop and look - to seek a link between my experience and theirs.  To enquire if there is a connection and figure out what it reminds them of, how might it speak to what they have lived? Like an English Summers Day asks if they might  recall the long warm days of a trip to London in July, or does it spark a memory of the sweet scent of a cottage garden?  Does time spent looking at Reef Beneath call to mind memories of happy afternoons climbing over rock pools or perhaps a snorkelling trip? 


I am fortunate to have lived a varied life experience, travelling and exploring the world since my teenage years.  The urge to paint is very strong within me and it delights me to think I might paint something that will bring joy or spark a happy memory in another.

Hi, I'm Nicole

 © 2019 by Nicole Fearfield - Contemporary Abstract Art - Australia

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