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Hi, I'm Nicole

Slowing down, turning my attention inward, staring off into space - the things we were told not to do at school - seem to bring the best results for me in my creative practice.

I'm compelled to create my paintings by consciously connecting to a state of flow. Sometimes for the art.

Sometimes for the flow. 

I draw on memories from many years of living and travelling through Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific.  From the sights and sounds of busy souks, to the sweet scent of Damask roses on mountainside terraces, my senses are flooded with the delights of adventure and exploration.  


I playfully capture this on the canvas, celebrating the wonder of other countries and cultures, as if I'm travelling these paths again, reliving and articulating my experiences through abstract, expressive mark making and the tactile quality of paint.  

Nicole Fearfield Art

[They are] "Dynamic, playful representations of life, expressed through colour and energetic swipes of paint"

With intention-filled mark making and a harmonious colour palette, I apply the paint energetically, building layer by layer in a call and response manner, expressively and joyfully painting from the inside out.  

Exciting marks, harmonious colour, depth and spaciousness are all hallmarks of my finished pieces.

“Painting playfully and expressively delights me. Much like breathing, it makes me feel alive and is a necessary part of being.”


Inevitably, the outcome for artist and viewer alike, is discovery and delight.


Nicole Fearfield

Exhibitions and Events:

Aug 2023 Affordable Art Fair, Melbourne

Jun 2023  Affordable Art Fair, Sydney

Mar 2023  Winner, Revival Art and Design Emerging Art Prize 2023, Brisbane

Mar 2023  Grammar Art School group show, Toowoomba

Mar 2023  The One Show, Revival Art and Design, Brisbane

Nov 2022  Summer Soiree group show, Revival Art and Design

Oct 2022  Finalist, Bluethumb Art Prize 2022

Aug 2022 Affordable Art Fair, Melbourne

Jan 2022   Winner, GalleryOne962 Art Prize

Sep 2021   Finalist, Corner Store Gallery, Mini Series prize

Aug 2021  Selected, Art Folio Annual Intnl Art Magazine (2022 edition) USA

Nov 2020 Finalist, Bluethumb Art Prize 2020

Jun 2020  Isolation Art group show, Revival Art and Design

Feb 2020  Finalist, Aspire Petite Pieces Show
Jan 2020  Finalist, Art Lovers top 100 art prize

May 2019  Finalist, Brisbane Rotary Art Spectacular

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