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This piece is number 1/2 of a commission. It is available as a Giclee Print on canvas.


Sydney born Nicole Fearfield is an award winning artist fascinated by the unspoken connection between artist, painting and viewer.

Her work is boldly expressive. Full of metaphore and meaning it has an energy that can be felt by viewers long after it has left her studio.
Nicole’s recent work explores monochrome, muted or simplified palettes as a way of introducing limits to further push the boundaries of this energetic connection with the viewer.

Nicole is represented by galleries in Brisbane, Sydney and the UK, and has a broad international collector base with collectors in New York, New Jersey, Louisiana, London, Scotland, The Netherlands, Spain and Kuwait.

In 2022, Nicole’s work was jury selected and featured in the renowned International Art Folio (US), and also selected by an interior designer for inclusion in Home Beautiful magazine (Dec 2022 edition).

She has authored 2 guides for how to recognise good abstract art and twice been a finalist in the Bluethumb Art Prize, 2020 and 2022.

In 2023 Nicole won the inaugural Revival Art and Design Emerging Art Prize. She currently paints from her Brisbane studio.


Commission #1 for Michelle, 150cm x 120cm

  • 150cm h x 120cm x3cm  

    Acrylic on canvas
    Sealed for protection


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