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Drift and Float

After winning the Emerging Art Prize in March 2023 with a similarly muted piece, Santorini Night Swim, I began further explorations in painting with monochrome colour palettes.  

The pieces in this collection are created with expressive mark making and text, overlaid with multiple transparent glazes until I achieve a beautiful depth in colour. 
There are many colours in each piece, however the appearance is of a deep green painting, because of the way I have structured the glazes.
The overall effect intended is of looking through sea water, perhaps to a sandy sea floor.  

Passionate about both travel and sea swimming, most of the paintings in this collection reflect an experience I have had or recall a place I have been.  

Always happy memories.


Drift and Float, 80cm x 94.5cm

  • 80cm x 94.5cm 

    Please enquire for purchasing options. Intnl shipping is available

    Mixed Media 


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