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59cmx59cmx4cm (22"x22" approx)

Mixed media on canvas, sealed and UV varnished for protection



Flows to Sea - 59cm x 59cm

  • When I was young we would travel to an area of the local beach that had lagoons that would flow out to the sea with the tides. It was always a place that was fun to play, safely protected from the crashing waves on the beach, shallow enough to build dams, chase little fish and generally have a great time splashing about for hours. I was thinking about those trips as I painted this painting and the idea of water flowing across land and out to sea. 
    A great deal of my focus is to work freely and expressively, capturing the movement of wind, water, grass and sky - the energy of nature itself applied in appealing brushstrokes and textured paint. The title is a play on words, as our isolation restrictions are easing I am dreaming of when I can next 'flow to sea'. 
    This painting is on stretched canvas, unframed and is uv varnished for protection. It is ready to hang.

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