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70.5x51cm (27.5"x20"), 2019

Give Peas a Chance was painted from a place of gratitude after some random acts of kindness were afforded to my family earlier this year. I began this piece making some expressive marks on the paper and then built the layers, choosing the colours as I progressed. Far from being a painting about peas, I made this painting while considering the importance of kindness and the concept of paying it forward. The title of course, is tongue in cheek and refers to the generosity of strangers.

Give Peas a Chance is painted on yupo paper which is made from recycled plastics and promotes the translucency of the layers. Yupo is a lightweight paper that ships brilliantly in a tube. This painting is sealed with a UV varnish for protection. I am happy to arrange professional framing, feel free to ask.


Give Peas a Chance

  • This painting is unframed.

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