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Hazy Days

Wet weather on the way, this piece is inspired by my journey to not being a fair weather camper. It was created with thoughts of happy family holidays and good times with great friends.

Hazy Days would make a wonderful gift for a special birthday or occasion or one of a kind gift for your own home interior.  

It is on professionally stretched canvas, varnished for protection and is ready to hang.

I would love to help you find a beautiful statement piece for your home or office, so please feel free to email me using the link below to find out about this or any other piece in my gallery, or subscribe to my mailing list to be first to hear about new releases.  

Hazy Days, 51.5cm x 47cm

  • 51.5cm x 47cm x 3cm  20.2"x18.5" approx)

    Mixed Media on stretched canvas

    Varnished for protection


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