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102cmx76cmx4cm (40x30" approx)

Mixed media on canvas, sealed and UV varnished for protection



Honeysuckle High - 76cm x 101.5cm

  • This painting began as an exploration in expressive brushwork. I developed it further to add interest with the dark tones and to move the eye of the viewer around the picture plane. The yellows, orange and light pink create a bold and exciting feeling and I chose the blue to compliment which vibrates against the yellows beautifully. 
    Honeysuckle High was named after hearing bird song outside my studio as I painted it. Along with the predominantly yellow hues I was reminded of the birds that come to my garden and get a bit silly on the nectar of my honeysuckle vines. The meaning of honeysuckle is happiness. 
    This piece is on deep edged canvas, it is UV varnished for protection and comes ready to hang. 
    Honeysuckle High is in a group show in Dec 2020, please enquire if you are interested.

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