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Lightshow I and Lightshow II can be purchased together as a diptych (100cm x 200cm) or as individual paintings. 


Raised on an island off the east coast of Australia, my childhood home was directly opposite the parcel of bush where renowned abstract artist Ian Fairweather painted his famous masterworks in his thatched hut.


Although we were separated by decades, there was always something mystical about that place, some sort of magical whisper that kept calling me to it, much like painting in itself.  Once under my skin, I couldn’t forget it nor do I want to - painting lights me up and makes me feel alive - the goal is to transpose this into my work.


Painting, the ocean, big skies, anything to do with the beach - all are things that invigorate me and are found throughout my work.  I get much joy from painting and particularly from meeting the challenge of abstraction and I strongly feel that viewers experience that joy when they look at my art.


Anything actioned with great emotion will hold the energy of that emotion for others to experience, so it makes me happy to infuse my work with the energy of joy and fun.


In Lightshow I and II, fleeting sunbeams shine from behind fast moving rain clouds, this painting speaks of light meeting nature and the way everything around is energised by it.


I have created 3 abstract landscapes for the Brisbane Grammar School Art Show, April 2024. Please also see Totally Lit.


Please email me for info on how to purchase from the art show.

Lightshow I, 100cm x 100cm

  • 100cm x 100cm, Acrylic and oil on canvas,

    Framed in blackwood float frame


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