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100cmx100cmx1cm (40x40" approx)

Mixed media on unstretched canvas, sealed and UV varnished for protection



Love Bubble

Love Bubble is the first in my new series of expressive abstracts. Filled with energetic mark making and a contemporary colour palette this painting is vibrant and exciting. Ideas of love, particularly the power of it to move people, and the joyfulness of it were in mind as I created this piece.

I chose a bright palette of deep pinks, reds and fluoro orange and paired them with dark and pale blues, then toned things down with muted greys, cream and yellow.

This piece is on unstretched canvas for easy shipping and it is UV varnished for protection. The canvas has a wide area surrounding the painted surface for a deep edged stretcher, easily available from your nearest framer. Please reach out if you have any questions.
Canvas Size: 112cm x 112cm x 1
Painted area: 100cm x 100cm x 1

Love Bubble

  • This painting is on unstretched canvas.

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