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This diptych (2 panels) was created after a late hike on a hot day. We were enjoying the spaciousness of our surroundings and the big open sky. High level cloud hung above us as the air finally started to cool.


Sandflies and Spaciousness is a mixed media piece of acrylic, collage, hand drawn papers, inks, graphite and wax.


It is painted across two canvases (61cm wide each), creating a wide piece of 1.22m wide. You can hang the canvases together or often there is a gap left between them to enhance each panel, or to fill a particular wall size.


They are varnished for protection and shipped ready to hang.

Please feel free to contact me if you'd like more information.

Sandflies and Spaciousness, diptych - 122cm x 61cm

  • 122cm x61cm x 4cm 

    Acrylic on 2 x canvas panels 

    Varnished for protection and ready to hang


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