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91cm x95cm x 4cm (34"x35" approx)

Acrylic on stretched canvas 

Varnished for protection and ready to hang


Taught The Wandering Winds To Sing

  • A study in expressive mark making and layering of tonal values, this painting was loosely based on memories of my time living in Scotland. Heather and grasses swaying in the wind, mountains and lochs in the distance, summer sunlight that barely sets.  
    The artwork title comes from a line in a poem by Scottish poet James Hogg (d.1835), believed to be a family relative. The line is engraved on his statue near St Mary's Loch in Scotland and is the final line in his poem The Queen's Wake, "He Taught The Wandering Winds to Sing".

    This painting is stretched and ready to hang.

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