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Team Meeting, diptych

Acrylic on canvas, framed


From a distance this piece looks like a colourful abstract painting in vibrant summer hues, until you get closer and see it's a figurative piece, the figures of dogs. 


Frequently appearing in my work, often veiled, sometimes scratched into the surface, this work is a deliberate exploration of repeated motifs that I haven't always embraced.  These figures 'arrive' in the shapes and values as I paint, and previously I have felt amused by their presence and ignored them, often overpainting.


Team Meeting is a celebration of them.


This piece is available exclusively from Revival Art Gallery in Brisbane, and can be seen at the Affordable Art Fair in Melbourne 1-4 September 2022.

Please direct enquiries to the gallery for more information.


This artwork ships sealed for protection, framed and ready to hang.


Team Meeting, diptych 126cm x 63cm

  • 126cm x 63cm x 5.5cm  

    Mixed Media on 2 x canvas panels, framed in oak

    Ready to hang


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