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Up In The Gods


Up In The Gods is a beautiful abstract painting inspired by my own travel and adventures.  

Primarily pink, red, apricot and ochre in colour, these pieces are a culmination of memories from years of living overseas as well as travels through Australia.  


As I was painting, I called on my memories of amazing scenery and vistas I recalled from touring, camping and living all kinds of lifes adventures with my young family.


My style is very expressive in nature with thick and thin areas of paint and energetic mark making. I've used lush, buttery oil paint as well as acrylics on these pieces to fully express the warmth of the earth and the landscapes that were calling to me.  


As with all of my art, these paintings are a recollection of very happy times and wonderful places and experiences.  The title came to me as I was painting, as often happens.  Up In The Gods is a term used in theatre to describe the seats at the top and back of a theatre house. I felt it was an apt title for this painting as it describes the feeling of looking out at a vista from up high.


Up In The Gods is professionally framed in a deep edged, natural oak float frame,  varnished for protection and ship ready to hang. Total framed size 79cm (w) x 79cm (h)


Up In The Gods II - 79cm x79cm

  • 79cm x79cm x 5cm (62"x31" approx)

    Acrylic on canvas in deep edged natural oak float frame

    Varnished for protection and ready to hang


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