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Whale Watching, Coast Path


As with all of my art, this painting is a culmination of very happy times and wonderful places and experiences.  


The paintings from this series are all about the joy of time spent in nature with my family, happiest times in exciting places, it turns out there’s beauty everywhere you look.  


My style is very expressive in nature with thick and thin areas of paint and much freedom in mark making in order to express the scenery, the atmosphere and movement across the beach and sea that call to me to be painted.  


Whale Watching, Coast Path is varnished for protection and ships unframed, and ready to hang on your wall. 


This painting would make a stunning gift for a special birthday or occasion or one of a kind gift for your own home interior.


I would love to help you find a beautiful statement piece for your home or office, so please feel free to email me using the link below to find out about this or any other piece in my gallery, or subscribe to my mailing list to be first to hear about new releases.  

Whale Watching, Coast Path - 60cm x 60cm

  • 57cm x 60cm x 3.5cm (37"x37" approx)

    Acrylic on canvas, unframed

    Varnished for protection and ready to hang


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